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Most breeds and superhero designs are available in our Cute and Cuddly Superhero Cards. 


If the breed or superhero you require isn't listed just email us at and we will be 

happy to help.

Please click on the images to see the cards in that range.


Super Bulldogs

Super Bull Terriers

Super Cockapoos

Super Dachshunds

Super French Bulldogs

Super Cocker Spaniels

Super Jack Russells

Super Rottweilers

Super Springer Spaniels

Super Shih Tzus

Super Staffies

Super Scotties

Super Schnauzers

Super Border Collies

Super Yorkshire Terriers

Super Westies

Super Papillions

Super Beagles

Super Labradors

Super German Shepherds

Super Border Terriers

Super Boston Terriers

Super Boxers

Super Golden Retrievers

Super Labradoodles

Super Huskies

Super Wire Fox Terriers

Super Spinoni

Super Chihuahuas

Super Shiba Inu

Super Schnoodles

Super Basset Hounds

Super Shar Pei

Super Lakeland Terriers

Super Glen of Imaal

Super Sprollies

Super German Spitz

Super Greyhounds

Super Bichon Frise

Super Pomeranians

Super Cavalier

Super Sheepdog

For more super breeds - check out our Precious Pooch Superhero Range

Click images below to see more designs.